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Autentico Paint

Volterra Mineral Texture Paint - Paris White

Volterra Mineral Texture Paint - Paris White

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Autentico Volterra is a heavy bodied, 100 % mineral plaster-paint, made with premium quality ingredients.

Due to its naturally high pH, Volterra is mould- and bacteria resistant.

With the ready-mixed Volterra, having a Tadelakt designer wall or a concrete-look wall has come within reach of everybody. The application of Volterra paint is quite easy to adopt and suitable for doing it yourself.

PREPARATION: Wall should be dry, clean, stable and free from dirt, grease or mould. Make sure the wall is smooth and free from loose materials. In case of doubt sand smooth. Make sure the wall doesn’t suffer from uneven suction. In case of doubt, apply one coat of Autentico Primer and leave to dry for 4 hours.


1. Apply one or two coats of Autentico Velvet, tinted to the same colour as your desired Volterra colour, with a roller. Leave to dry for 2 hours between coats. 

2. Open the tin of Volterra and stir well. This is a heavy bodied paint. In case the paint is too thick, add water (max 5%) making it suitable to be applied by brush. 

3. Apply Volterra in just one generous thick and even coat, keeping a wet edge. 

4. When Volterra starts to dry - you can clearly notice when after 10-20 minutes lighter patches appear - smoothen Volterra out with a stainless steel trowel or spatula. Keep trowel in a 25-degree angle and do not set too much pressure. You are now removing all existing brush marks. 

5. Leave to dry for at least 8 hours. 

6. When Volterra has dried completely, use the trowel again to reveal a shiny tadelakt-style finish. 

7. When a matt finish needs to be obtained, sand with 600-grit sandpaper by hand and make the wall dust-free with a soft brush. 

8. Apply two coats of Autentico Sealer to make the wall water-repellent.

Please note: Due to the slaked lime content of Autentico Volterra, colour referencing is representative of colour but not the overall finish. Volterra dries fast, especially in summer time. To avoid Volterra drying faster than you can trowel smooth, we recommend working with two on larger walls and/or during higher temperatures.

The above is a general application description. By applying multiple colours wet-in-wet and merging them during trowelling, stunning effects are achievable. Always make a test run on a small board to see effects.

COVERAGE: 2.5 L covers approx 10m2 dependent on the surface profile and application technique. Calculate total m2 to cover beforehand and match the necessary volumes. Always mix in a separate container total volume needed if you need to use more than one tin. Because Volterra is 100 % mineral, this is needed to avoid slight differences in final colour per tin.

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