About Us

What is BrushStrokes Noble?

We are a specialized art platform that offers various high-quality products and services in the field of interior and exterior design, the restoration of furniture, spaces and homes as well as individual services, coaching and consultations aimed at the creation of unique art solutions.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help those of you who love to create by providing you with all the tools & knowledge you need to unleash your creative self. At the same time, we also want to provide a complete solution for design, restoration and art improvements of furniture, spaces and homes, for those of you who need expert advice and counsel.



Our Company

We are based in the North West part of Bulgaria where we have our manufacturing and storage facilities. Throughout the last few years we have managed to build many excellent business relationships with companies and individuals from Sofia, which is the reason why we are in the process of establishing an office there as well.


Our Team

Our team consists of experienced designers, artists and consultants who work together as a team every day and are responsible for the selection and quality of our product range as well as the educational services, workshops and programs we provide.


Our Products

As official representatives of the Autentico Paint, we offer a wide range of chalk and lime paints, as well as high-quality waxes and varnishes that can transform any interior, exterior and any piece of furniture into a true work of art.

  • Autentico Paint is the leading Dutch chalk paint manufacturer that offers a plethora of products for the Upcycling of furniture and Home Renovation industries. 

For those of you who like to create, paint, restore and/or decorate, our palette of unique and innovative products for the Bulgarian market will provide you with everything you need to develop your creative self.

  • Cervus Boutique Italian Brushes
  • 3D Decorative wooden elements WoodUBend
  • Zuri Molds Silicone Art Forms
  • Modeling clay
  • EliChem Art Epoxy Resin
  • Artisan Enhancements
  • Unicorn SPiT
  • and so much more




Learn new art skills and techniques in a friendly, fun and encouraging environment filled with other like-minded individuals.


Art Mentoring

Get a personalized plan, guidance as well as an ongoing support and accountability on how to reach the full potential of your creative self.


Custom Project Work

Let us spice up the design of your interior and/or furniture and turn it into a true piece of art that resonates with your personality/business.

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