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Starter Kit - 3D Hands Body Casting - Alginate

Starter Kit - 3D Hands Body Casting - Alginate

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Alginate and Fil Ceramic kit is a set of tools used to create accurate casts and detailed reproductions of human body parts such as hands. They are both safe and non-toxic products! Very easy to use.

✔️ANATOMICAL PARTS KIT: Alginate and Fil ceramic is a set of tools used to create detailed reproductions of parts of the human body, such as hands, feet or faces.

✔️ ALGINATE: Alginate is mixed with water to form a paste which is applied to the body part to be reproduced. It sets quickly, capturing the accurate shape and detail of the anatomical part. After the alginate has hardened, it is removed from the body part, creating a flexible and accurate cast.

✔️FIL CERAMIC: The ceramic powder is mixed with a liquid and poured into the alginate cast to create a solid replica of the anatomical part.

✔️COLOURABLE: The ceramic powder replica can be colored with our powder pigments to make it more realistic or aesthetically pleasing.

✔️ SAFE PRODUCTS: The materials used in the kit are safe for the skin and do not cause any damage or irritation.

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