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Silicone Trowel Brush 'Square Edge' - 50mm

Silicone Trowel Brush 'Square Edge' - 50mm

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With their distinctive colouring, our specially commissioned Silicone Trowel Brushes are the best tool to use when you want to achieved a raised stencil look with products like Autentico’s Terrapieno, Posh Chalk Texture pastes or the Artisan Enhancements VP Antico, Fine Stone and Pearl Plaster relief product.

This trowel brush works better than a metal trowel because it is made with silicone and is very forgiving. It won’t damage your stencil, thin your product too much or force it under your stencil like a trowel or putty knife can.  

The 50mm ‘blade’ is the perfect size to work with large or small scale projects.   

Clean up is easy with soap and water.

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