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Silicone R7 for soft moulds

Silicone R7 for soft moulds

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R7 is a liquid mold rubber with high resistance to tearing by condensation. Suitable for modeling and moldmaking, this silicone rubber is very versatile and ideal for making soft molds that allow you to reproduce even the smallest details and undercuts.

✔️RAPID CURING: It is the fastest condensation silicone rubber on the market, it hardens in just 6 hours at room temperature and the working time is 30 minutes at room temperature.

✔️EXCELLENT MECHANICAL PROPERTIES: Very high resistance to lacerations and aging; Compared to other silicone rubbers for casting on the market, it is possible to obtain 15% more castings.

✔️ EASY TO USE: Thanks to its low viscosity and high elasticity, it allows you to faithfully copy even the smallest details, to create molds of all types and sizes and is particularly suitable for making objects and creations in plaster, resin, wax, soap and cement .

✔️GIVE YOUR CREATIVITY FREEDOM: make molds for candles, jewelry, costume jewelry, statues, casts, modeling, 3d prints and much more.

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