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Silicone R-FOOD for FOOD SAFE Moulds - 1kg

Silicone R-FOOD for FOOD SAFE Moulds - 1kg

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R FOOD is the food grade silicone for creating molds for chocolates, Easter eggs and marzipan, certified for contact with food and ideal for having fun with children in the kitchen as it is non-toxic.

✔️SILICONE RUBBER FOR FOOD: R FOOD Silicone Rubber for food molds is certified for food contact. Create molds for chocolates and cakes.

✔️SIMPLE AND PRACTICAL: The use of Food Grade Silicone for Molds is extremely intuitive. Just mix the two components in the ratio 100:10 and you can achieve extraordinary results. Thanks to its exceptional tensile strength and flexibility, shaping your object will be a quick and easy operation.

✔️EXCELLENT QUALITY: The extraordinary quality of the non-toxic food silicone will allow you to reproduce every detail with absolute precision, an essential requirement for creating DIY molds

✔️RELIABLE AND CERTIFIED: Made entirely in Italy, with a Certificate for Food Contact, solvent-free and odor-free: these are the main characteristics of this food-grade silicone rubber, which presents itself as a safe and practical product for creating your own silicone mould.

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