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Pigment Mix - 80ml

Pigment Mix - 80ml

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Pigment MIX universal pigment concentrate is intended for tinting ready-made commercial paints, enamels and lacquers applied both inside and outside rooms (see the colour template).

  • Can be mixed with water and chalk based paints
  • Can be mixed with solvent based paints
  • Works brilliantly with Autentico Glaze
  • Can be used directly on wood
  • Can be used to tint gypsum
  • Permanent
  • Efficient
  • Ecological
  • UV light resistant
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Pouring Art
  • Can be mixed with any Topcoat Sealer
  • The Pigment Mix concentrate does not contain any resins, ethylene glycol, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and alkylphenothoxylates (APEOs).
  • The composition and materials make the Pigment MIX concentrate easily distributed in water and most solvent systems.
  • The Pigment MIX concentrates guarantee repeatable and cost-effective solutions.
  • In order to ensure the colour accuracy and repeatability, each Pigment MIX concentrate is checked in a Quality Control Laboratory, where parameters such as the density, viscosity, pH, shade and colour power are tested.

The carefully selected composition of the Pigment MIX concentrates also ensures the possibility to tint most solvent paints and enamels: (alkyd, phthalic, oil-phthalic), chlorinated rubber and nitrocellulose ones.

Moreover, Pigment MIX may be used for tinting water-soluble and some solvent transparent lacquers; gypsum, raw timber and unglazed ceramics.

Due to the technologies and raw materials applied by various paint and lacquer manufacturers, we always recommend doing a test patch first. The achieved colours depend on the type and quality of the tinted product. The absorption capability, type and structure of the substrate, as well as environment and lighting conditions may also influence the final colour.

  • White solvent products. In case of tinting white solvent paints and enamels, it is possible to achieve only light pastel shades (white alkyd paint + black pigment will give a dark grey shade, not a black one, with the maximum addition amounting to 10%). This phenomenon is caused by the very large contents of titanium dioxide in such paints. For painting dark shades we recommend using ready-made colourful alkyd paints or tinting them with the Pigment MIX pigments to enhance the shade. In order to reach dark shades you may try using colourful paint in the pastel shade, e.g. sand or beige paint as a base for tinting with Pigment MIX.
  • Transparent lacquers. All colours may be applied. Colourful lacquer will emphasize wood grain. The pigment should be added in small quantities. Some high gloss lacquers may tarnish. The application in polyurethane lacquers requires conducting tinting tests.
  • Raw timber, unglazed ceramics. Pigment MIX does not contain binding agents (resins), thus, it should be added to paints or lacquers. Direct application is possible in case of, e.g. tinting raw timber or plywood, and then it results in the transparent tinting deepening the grain scheme. Pigment MIX may be used for painting burnt unglazed ceramics.  Apply Pigment MIX, diluting in water, in order to achieve the demanded colour intensity. After dilution the pigment  is not suitable for storage. A product tinted in this manner needs to be secured with a layer of transparent lacquer.
  • Gypsum. May be tinted within the whole body.
  • Lime and Clay Plaster. May be tinted as a whole.
  • Grouting mortar. We do not recommend using Pigment MIX for grouting mortar due to possible difficulties with achieving a uniform colour. Tinting tests should be conducted.
  • Products cured with moisture and chemically cured articles (dual component, epoxy and polyurethane ones). Do not use.


The product has been granted the Hygienic Attestation since 1992.
The attestation is constantly updated, together with the product improvement.
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