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Paverscrub Pink 45g

Paverscrub Pink 45g

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Paverscrub are decorative colored flakes that you can use in various ways. The flakes can even be broken down into smaller pieces for finer decoration.  It is up to you to discover all the possibilities of these colourful flakes!  One method of use: Mix in a bowl 2 tablespoons Art Stone and 2 tablespoons Paverscrub. Mix well.  Apply a layer of Paverpol transparent, black or bronze on your artwork or styrofoam shape. Sprinkle several spoons of the above mixture on the Paverpol and push it a little bit.  You can throw the redundant mixture back into the bowl.

Now you can scrub. Rub well over the shape and you will see the colour appear.

The longer you rub the more colour you will see.

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