Hearty Lightweight Modelling Clay, 200g

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 Hearty White is an air drying modelling clay.

It feels comfortable with a velvety structure. By mixing the pigment colors Magenta, Blue (Cyan), Yellow and Black you can make any color you want.

  • A super workable, ultra light weight, soft polymer air dry clay; very easy to work with, exceptionally versatile and very elastic for professional results.
  • Great for intricate, detailed and delicate work; jewelry making, flowers, miniatures, dolls and embellishments. Works great with all push molds.
  • Sets quickly and air dries in 24 hours to a flexible yet firm, velvety consistency, not brittle; will stick to any armature but is not sticky in your hands; can be painted, stained or sealed
  • White color is so true that when mixed with color pigments the bright and beautiful tones are kept. Mix different color pigments together to achieve an infinite color spectrum.
  • An excellent clay for serious artists and accomplished artisans. ACMI Certified non-toxic, low-odor; Made in Japan.