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Venice - Faux/Specialist Finishers Tool Kit Bundle 2

Venice - Faux/Specialist Finishers Tool Kit Bundle 2

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Another Faux or Decorative Finishers Bundle offer. A pair of these beautiful brushes which are an absolute essential in any toolbox and offering a fantastic saving as well! 

If you don’t want the Autentico Venice Brush, now you can get the smaller brushes to add to your collection. 

These brushes offer great value as individual items but as a pair, they offer outstanding quality at a great price.

Firstly, we have the Spalter Krex Series brush from Cervus. A 4”/100mm Spalter brush that is hand crafted in Italy, the home of specialist finish paints. Lighter than the Venice Brush, it is great for creating smaller patterns and for cutting in Venice or other lime paints. 

The other brush that makes up this kit is the Cervus Pro 75 Series Mignon 100mm x 30mm brush, with super soft yet strong synthetic fibres. Coming complete with a detachable handle to offer yet another method of use in order to achieve that perfect finish. 

Professional painters absolutely love them and now they are available to everybody here in Bulgaria and beyond. 

Purchased individually, these brushes will cost 37.80 лв. 

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