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Eli-Chem Ultracast XT Clear Art Casting Resin - Heatproof - 3Kg

Eli-Chem Ultracast XT Clear Art Casting Resin - Heatproof - 3Kg

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UltraCast xt is an optically clear epoxy coating/casting resin, it is solvent free with excellent UV resistance and surface heat resistance up to 80°C

UltraCast xt resin produces a high gloss, optically clear, attractive finish. It's self-levelling, can be turned, cut, sanded and polished making it ideal for the following applications:

  • Sealing and coating of artwork/paintings made with acrylic paint, oil paint & watercolour paints
  • Sculptures and mould castings (up to 1000cc in volume)
  • Tabletops, bar counters and kitchen worktops
  • Penny floor and pigmented epoxy floor applications

Please be aware that if tints are used with UltraCastxt there is a chance colours could bleed into one another if poured next to each other, as the formula has a longer working time and is thinner than MasterCast art resin. Please be advised although our resins are U.V stabilised this does not mean they are U.V proof. Ultimately all our clear epoxy resins will show signs of U.V degradation over time. We work constantly to improve the U.V protection however resins are plastics and over time the sun will always win that battle.

Please note:

This resin system needs 14-21 days to reach maximum cured properties and temperature resistance. The addition of pigments (inks, powders and pastes) as well as other resin additives (resi-BLAST, silicone, lubricants, alcohol or solvents) will lower its temperature resistance, this is because pigment substances themselves have a very low temperature threshold.

The addition of alcohol inks in particular can cause problematic surface finish due to its effect of lowering the viscosity (diluting the resin and impacting its density). It can result in cloudiness, dimples and other surface blemishes. The alcohol content in these inks will nullify the resin’s non-flammable properties. When alcohol inks or any other solvent is added, special care should be taken when heating the surface with an open flame blowtorch or butane gun.

The more pigments & additives which are added or mixed into UltraCastxt , the more the thermal withstand of the cured mass is lowered and compromised. In this case, we recommend a final clear topcoat of UltraCast xt   is applied on top of the pigmented layer to bolster its resistance against hot objects placed on it.

Due its long open time, UltraCastxt is susceptible to Amine Blush and Polymer Bloom under the following usage conditions : high humidity, low ambient temperature (15°C or below), draughty or windy conditions including air-conditioning. To avoid this effect from occurring we recommend the resin component (Part A) is pre-warmed before mixing with the Hardener. We also request that the working area is kept as consistent as possible with regard to temperature and humidity while the resin is curing.

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