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Eli-Chem Totalcast Clear Art Casting Resin - 500g

Eli-Chem Totalcast Clear Art Casting Resin - 500g

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totalCAST Art Resin has been ASTM certified. UV Resistance: totalCAST utilises hybrid technology to inhibit yellowing.

This epoxy resin system is ideal for coating and sealing artwork on canvas, wood, MDF, glass, perspex, concrete, metals etc. The product can be applied by pouring, brush or roller. The excellent clarity and optical transparency makes the resin not only makes it ideal for the protection and decoration of paintings, sculptures & collages, photos & prints, wood & timber artefacts (clocks and puzzles etc), but also for creating pendants, bangles & other jewellery items, flower setting and paperweights.

This formulation represents cutting edge polymeric technology and was developed to offer unrivalled user friendliness and a crystal clear result every time. Please be advised although our resins are U.V stabilised this does not mean they are U.V proof. Ultimately all our clear epoxy resins will show signs of U.V degradation over time. We work constantly to improve the U.V protection however resins are plastics and over time the sun will always win that battle.

The totalCAST range contains a quick and easy mix pack for single use application. The one use 200g TwinPack sachets are designed for the resin art novice who wants a quick & easy solution for their first resin adventure, or for the experienced user who has a small requirement.

Key advantages:

  • 1:1 mixing ratio by volume or weight
  • Non toxic and VOC free
  • Odour free and solvent free
  • Built in air release agents and moisture scavengers
  • UV Stable, no need for HALS or UV blockers



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