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Eli Chem

Eli-Chem Metal Cast Aluminium - 400g

Eli-Chem Metal Cast Aluminium - 400g

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Metal Cast Metallic Coating is a water based metal coating and casting material for lining moulds or coating existing surfaces.

An environmentally friendly powder and acrylic activator formulated using real aluminium powder to create beautiful, authentic metallic homewares. When lining a mould a suitable backing material is required, i.e hydroflow or totalCAST.

  • Available in a brushed aluminium finish
  • Perfect for coasters or any mould which is easily coated with a paint brush
  • When used as a coating, patterns can be created in newly poured Metal Cast using a variety of tools
  • Solvent free, no VOC's
  • Ideal for creating textured art pieces on wooden boards
  • Tools & mixing containers can be cleaned with water after use
  • Can be demoulded in 1-2 hours, for best results wait 4-5 days before buffing to a soft sheen
  • Everything you need in a handy 400g kit

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