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Decoupage Paper - Rice Paper - Set - 6 papers - 15cm x 15cm - 039

Decoupage Paper - Rice Paper - Set - 6 papers - 15cm x 15cm - 039

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Rice paper set mini

Retro animals, animals in costumes, zoomorphism, vintage, rabbits, hares, idyllic, sepia

This  set includes: 6 sheets of rice paper 14,8x14,8 cm with single graphics - 6 different graphics in one package.

   The set of extraordinary rice papers which could be used in any kind of creative work such as decoupage, scrapbooking, mixed media, cardmaking and art journal. The set contains 6 colorful graphics which are collected in one subject field, not available outside the set. Each sheet presents only one design which makes introducing it into already planned work much easier. Graphics are very useful as the main ornamental theme which can be introduced on small and medium-sized objects such as cups, candles, boxes, tissue boxes, saucers, eggs, Christmas tree ornaments. All graphics in the set match in terms of colors and patterns – they are suitable when creating set of items. At the back of the set you can find mini version of all graphics which are in the set. Each graphic is palced on the light, irregular background which is universal. It is easy to implement them with other graphics or in any other background. See for yourself! We wish you great fun!

   Rice paper – naturally white, thin (30g) and very comfortable in use. It's acid-free, chlorine-free, lignin-free. It’s main feature is extraordinary strength and the ease in sticking it to difficult surface and cylindrical items. It has cleraly visible, large, characteristic plant fibres. These fibres are very decorative and the whole structure of the paper makes it easier to implement „ripped off” elements on the background of decortated item. The special printing technique makes the colors resistant to water, glue and fading.
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