Collection: WoodUBend Mouldings

Heat bendable wood mouldings for quick and simple decoration of furniture, objet d’art, glassware, and many other everyday items.

Hello WoodUBend lovers!

Here are just a few reminders, which are paramount to the application of the mouldings.


The woodUbend should always be warmed up,
whether you’re applying them to a curved surface or not, why?

1. The woodUbend are never flat

2. The surface you are adhering the mouldings to, will rarely be dead flat, even glass!

3. When you apply glue to your woodUbend whilst it’s still warm, a tiny bit of glue will be absorbed into the surface of the underside of the moulding which helps the glue and moulding to become one.

4. Once you apply your moulding to the surface, add a little more heat, the glue dries faster and sucks the moulding closer to the surface so that it adheres seamlessly without gaps.

5. If you warm your mouldings up after it’s been placed on its designated surface, no need for duct tape to hold it in place, or pins, just press down on the moulding until it cools down. WHAM, it’s now stuck and is part of the piece and can be painted after a minute or so.


Woodubend can be drilled, and sanded.

If your piece needs distressing, distress the mouldings and see the real wood peep through -

Their best aspect is the bending!

You can cut them with a simple pair of scissors, Utility knife or simply rip them apart.  

a hair dryer
A heat gun
But the best and least nosiest is a heat plate/griddle

The trims are fabulous for this!

When working with trims, warm them up, open em up, but coil it back up straight away. Once it goes cold a trim can be time consuming to heat up inch by inch to coil up again.
So when the coil is heated up, open it up just as far as you need to go and apply onto your designated surface.


these babies are very porous. Seeing how they stain and wax is always an eye opener.

Thanks for reading.

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