Zuri Beauty and The Beast

Zuri Beauty and The Beast

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You must agree that our Beauty is stunningly gorgeous. There is nothing ordinary about her. She is alluring in her intricacy, mystifying in her symbolism. Right next to her, in his fascinating dominance, the Beast is oozing out power, mystery, glory. Never before has any beast looked so majestic and beautiful.

This mold was designed with jewelry making in mind (wouldn’t these insects be stunning as pendants?), specifically for use with urethane or epoxy resin. The delicate antennas and legs of the insects will stay strong when cast in resin. You can always use polymer clay or air-dry clay with these molds to create a reproduction of the insects’ body and wings, but we recommend the use of metal wire for the legs and antennas.

This mold is part of the Insect World collection. Don’t forget to check out our related products.


Bee Wing Span - 7.62cm

Spider Height - 7.62cm