La Magic - Jasmine Wax - 230ml

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Jasmine-scented Legendary Wax is a water-based sealant, with a pleasant and delicate odour, perfect for use as a finish after applying the colours of the Magic Paint line, which, being chalk-based, require a protective treatment. 

The use of wax is recommended for sealing and making water-repellent all previously painted and restored materials that are not subject to water repellence. 
and restored materials that are not subject to high wear. 
For restoration of kitchens, seats, doors and other objects that would be subject to heavy use and washing, the use of liquid protective agent is preferable to wax.

The transparent wax will protect your restoration over time and prepare the surface to be antiqued with the coloured waxes of the Magic Paint range, to give a vintage or modern tone depending on the style you wish to reinterpret. 

If necessary, during the patinating phase, you can use the neutral wax as an eraser for the coloured waxes, intervening before they dry.

Use: apply with a brush, preferably round and of a suitable size for the piece of furniture to be restored.
After about thirty minutes you can proceed with polishing the surface, using a soft, dry cloth, preferably in microfibre, cotton or tights.
If desired, the treatment can be repeated to obtain a second protective finish. 



Its finish is matt
Pleasant and velvety to the touch, with a delicious jasmine fragrance.
Allows you to protect any colour by avoiding yellowing 
When applied with a brush it guarantees total protection and no wastage
Protects the surface painted with Magic Paint and makes it water-repellent
Can also be used to nourish and protect antique furniture in need of nourishment