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Hearty Lightweight Modelling Clay, YELLOW, 50g

Hearty Lightweight Modelling Clay, YELLOW, 50g

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Hearty is an air dried modeling clay that is lightweight like marshmallow.

Hearty does not stick to fingers, and is easy to work with.

Using Hearty Magenta, Blue(Cyan), Yellow, Black, and white, you can make any color you want. "Hearty color" Red, Green, and Orange, is a series of vivid colors from Hearty series. These colors are already mixed, and it is easy for anyone.

"Hearty clay natural color" is convenient when making wood, leaves and stems of imitation flowers It is suitable to make delicate objects like flowers as well as fake sweets, food miniture, figure dolls, accessories, and other craft projects.

-Hearty Red 50gm
-Hearty Green 50gm
-Hearty Orange 50gm



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