Terracotta Pots/Tiles Lime Paint Kit - 2 x 150ml Venice Lime Paint PLUS 1 x Oval Brush

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Kit includes: 2 x 150ml paint pots AND 1 x Oval Brush

Normally, Venice Lime Paint needs a painted mineral substrate to work well but what happens when the substrate is ALREADY Mineral?

Without much preparation (a clean and wipe with a damp cloth) use Autentico Venice Lime Paint to quickly create a new variety of colours for your garden and flower pots at your home, balcony, patio or garden without damaging the plants, soil or groundwater.

Paint with new colours from season to season, paint everything uniformly or mix up colours on each of the garden planeters or pots.

Suitable for all unsealed planters made of terracotta, concrete or artificial stone.

  • Vapour permeable natural paint lets the roots of your plants “breathe” in the flower pots
  • Fast, easy application
  • Matt drying, natural appearance
  • Re-paintable, many design options
  • Pure mineral vegan product
  • Completely free of solvents
  • Brush easily cleans with water, no pollution of the groundwater
  • No Sealing required
  • Compatible with the Metallico range and Autentico Waxes
  • Can be polished if required, using a cloth or your hand

We have selected 10 of the most popular colours, made them available in 150ml pots which can be ordered individually or as part of this offer. 

The kit consists of: 3 x 150ml paints PLUS 1 of our Oval Brushes with synthetic bristles.


Select 3 colours from the following





Dark Pepper


Indian Sand

Burnt Sienna